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UX/UI Design

Cognizone tasked us with refining and enhancing two crucial platforms: the EU Parliament data catalog and the Swiss Legislative platform. Through extensive research, user interviews, and UX/UI improvements, we optimized information architecture and user interactions, ensuring clarity and user-friendliness. For the Swiss platform, we meticulously reshaped search features and visualizations while adhering to strict design guidelines, resulting in improved user experience and accessibility to legislative open data for Swiss citizens.

EU Parliament

Pioneering Prototypes

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Cognizone, we had a mission to revitalize the EU parliament data catalog. Our objective was to empower data-driven decision-making by synthesizing multifaceted information, creating a seamless digital solution that integrates diverse use cases with pertinent entry points through advanced knowledge graph visualization.

Intuitive Design

Initial engagements with stakeholders were pivotal, establishing a mutual understanding and alignment on optimal user data collection strategies. These workshops were a catalyst for a deeper comprehension of user needs and existing pain points, providing the foundational insights necessary for the design of a structured and coherent data architecture.

Cohesive Storytelling

Leveraging the insights garnered, we developed the first proof of concept, a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. This initiative was a stepping stone in our journey to create a platform that is not only user-centric but also a trusted partner of digital transformation in the legislative domain. Every enhancement was meticulously crafted, adhering to stringent existing design guidelines. This adherence ensured that every improvement made was in harmony with established design principles, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience without compromising the integrity of the established design framework.

User-Centric Onboarding

This project was a manifestation of our commitment to user-centric design and innovation, ensuring that every EU parliamentarian has seamless access to EU data. The refined platform stands as a symbol of enhanced accessibility and user experience in the legislative landscape, aligning precision with compliance