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DAO Maker
Web3 Design

DAO Maker underwent a transformative redesign to align its platform with user needs and business requirements. Collaborative efforts with stakeholders and user interviews informed a scalable solution, accommodating the company's fast-paced growth. The redesign addressed user pain points, providing insights into previous design decisions and enabling the creation of a comprehensive design system. This system facilitated collaboration and streamlined future design and development work, allowing DAO Maker to offer a diverse array of solutions, surpassing its initial capabilities as a launchpad.

Innovative Technologies Deployed

• Blockchain : The foundational layer, ensuring immutable, transparent, and decentralized operations.

• Web3 : Bridging the gap between users and the blockchain, heralding a new era of decentralized web interactions.

• DeFi (Decentralized Finance): Granting users unparalleled financial autonomy, sidestepping traditional financial gatekeepers.

• Smart Contracts : The bedrock of trust, automating and safeguarding every transaction and agreement.

Key Competencies

• Product Strategy : Deep market insights and agile planning sculpted a vision that was both innovative and user-centric.

• User-Centric Design (UCD) : A methodology that places the user at the heart of the design process, ensuring solutions resonate deeply.

• Competitive Analysis : Leveraging insights from market competitors to inform design and strategic decisions, ensuring a competitive edge.

• UX/UI Design : A blend of empathy and innovation led to mobile and web interfaces that were intuitive, resonating with users at every touchpoint.

• User Research : A foundation of our design process, understanding user needs, pain points, and aspirations informed every decision.

• Agile Development : A flexible approach that allowed for continuous evolution, ensuring the platform was always aligned with user needs and market trends.

• Design System Creation : Establishing a cohesive and scalable design language, ensuring consistency and enhancing user experience.

• Design Leadership : Expansion and guidance of the design team, aligning with the fast-paced, ambitious goals of the crypto industry.


In the ever-evolving cosmos of cryptocurrency, DAO Maker envisioned a constellation of solutions. But turning this celestial dream into a tangible reality demanded innovation, agility, and profound user understanding.

Our odyssey with DAO Maker commenced with a deep dive into the user's universe. While the platform's ambition was evident, its execution was a labyrinth, leaving users yearning for clarity and simplicity.

Strategic Framework Development

Our strategy was immersive, blending observation with action. Drawing from user feedback, competitor insights, and the vast crypto landscape, we charted a course that mirrored DAO Maker's ambition and resonated with its users.

• Empathetic Design Reimagining : Through rigorous user testing, stakeholder workshops, and competitor analysis, we sculpted a mobile-first platform that was both intuitive and innovative.

• Team Expansion & Agile Adaptation : To navigate the swift currents of the crypto domain, we bolstered the design team, instilling a sprint-centric methodology, ensuring momentum without compromising innovation.

• Systematic Design Consistency : As the platform expanded, the need for a cohesive design language became paramount. Our comprehensive design system ensured collaboration, consistency, and accelerated the design-to-development journey.

Innovative Outcomes

Our collaboration with DAO Maker was transformative. From staking to swaps, from DAO products to user dashboards, every feature was meticulously crafted.

• Staking & Perpetual Staking: We revolutionized the staking experience, introducing perpetual staking, ensuring users could maximize their rewards seamlessly.

• DAO Product & User Dashboard : A user-centric DAO product was sculpted, complemented by an intuitive dashboard, offering users a panoramic view of their crypto journey.

• Swap, Farming & Claiming : We integrated a seamless swap functionality, coupled with intuitive farming and claiming processes, ensuring every user interaction was smooth and rewarding.

Conclusion and Forward Path

The DAO Maker narrative is a testament to innovation, empathy, and strategic precision. From deciphering the intricate web of user needs to sculpting a platform that resonated with every interaction, we empowered DAO Maker to not just navigate but lead the crypto frontier.