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NFT Game Design & Branding

DegenZoo, a unique charity crypto game, aimed to raise awareness about animal extinction through blockchain technology. Our team developed the entire visual identity and user interface, creating an intuitive and sleek design that encouraged player exploration and learning. The user-friendly dashboard and clear calls to action have resulted in a strong and engaged community of players passionate about the project's mission, with ongoing refinements ensuring the game's continual growth and success.

Blending Future Tech & Design

Degen Zoo stands as a unique charity crypto game, utilizing blockchain technology to bring attention to animal extinction, featuring a diverse collection of 120 endangered species in its NFT repertoire. The game is a simulation of the repercussions of capitalism on wildlife, aiming to instigate critical reflections on environmental dilemmas. We were bestowed with the responsibility of crafting the entire visual and experiential identity of the product, from the inception of the logo to the intricacies of user experience.

Brand Essence

The logo, a culmination of hundreds of creative renditions, along with meticulously chosen fonts and colors, encapsulated the game’s futuristic and technological essence. This visual identity set the tone for a sleek and intuitive user interface, creating a harmonious and engaging visual journey for the users, allowing them to immerse themselves in the game’s unique narrative and aesthetic.

User Engagement

The designed interface, adorned with clear calls to action, beckons players to explore the game and unravel the stories of the endangered species encapsulated within the NFT collection. We developed a user-centric dashboard, facilitating seamless management of crypto assets and progress tracking, all while accentuating the project's altruistic objectives. The game has woven a community of dedicated and passionate advocates, with our emphasis on robust UX/UI design kindling interest and engagement.

Ongoing Collaboration

Our journey with Degen Zoo is characterized by continuous collaboration and refinement. We are committed to enhancing and expanding the game, ensuring it remains a beacon of awareness and engagement in the gaming ecosystem, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the delicate balance of our ecosystem and the species that inhabit it.