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UNU - Wearable Technology
App Design & User Research

Unu aimed to make air quality data comprehensible and actionable, fostering critical thinking about environmental issues. Through extensive research, user shadowing, and iterative design, we identified specific target groups and refined the app’s features and user experience to meet their needs. The enhancements, including improved map and guidance features, resulted in a user-friendly app that not only informs but also empowers its users to think critically about environmental issues.

Comprehensive Insights

UNU stands for public awareness, aiming to make air quality data comprehensible and actionable, addressing the critical and often overlooked issue of air pollution in capital cities. Our mission was to find a market fit and create tangible value around this pressing need. We embarked on a journey of extensive information collection to understand the hypothetical customer, crafting detailed personas that would guide our design and development process.

Rapid Prototyping & Testing

Fast prototyping and meticulous user testing were pivotal in developing an initial prototype with basic user flows. This approach ensured the app was not only user-friendly but also that the information provided was valuable and comprehensible to the users, making air quality data a tangible and actionable resource for the masses.

In-depth User Research

Through shadowing research and immersive field studies, we identified parents commuting by bike as our primary target group. This demographic had specific needs regarding air quality information and map specifications. The insights gained from this in-depth research were instrumental in refining the app’s look and feel and improving map guidance for bicycle commute ease of use.

Enhanced Accessibility

The refined prototype was a blend of tailored solutions and enhanced user experience, making air quality data more accessible and actionable for our target demographic. It was not just a refinement; it was a strategic enhancement aimed at meeting the specific needs of our target group while elevating the overall user experience and accessibility of air quality data